A friend just told me his swim­ming pool expand­ed and cracked this win­ter and he needs to fix it. Can you explain this and how I can avoid it?

The best way to illus­trate how the pow­er of water expan­sion is to show you the pho­to below. The rock that once sat direct­ly on the ground has been lift­ed more than two inch­es by these frozen crys­tals.

Now, think about your pool and what could hap­pen when freez­ing hap­pens. When the prop­er drainage is not installed, the water that pools there can freeze and lift the entire pool deck. The result of this expan­sion and con­trac­tion is, obvi­ous­ly, severe stress on the con­crete struc­ture, which can lead to crack­ing.  This is prob­a­bly what your friend was deal­ing with.

A sim­ple hair­line crack may not mean a leak and can usu­al­ly be eas­i­ly repaired. If a crack is more seri­ous and is a struc­tur­al con­cern, it must be sta­bi­lized to pre­vent it from get­ting big­ger and caus­ing leaks. Depend­ing on the sever­i­ty, we can pres­sure grout beneath the pool to sta­bi­lize and fill voids.  We rein­force cracks and repair the shot­crete shell before installing a new bond coat and sur­face.

If you notice any kind of a crack in your pool, call and sched­ule a free con­sul­ta­tion to deter­mine the best way to han­dle it.



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