One way to trans­form your pool and yard into even more of an oasis is to add a water­fall fea­ture. You’ve see those back­yard pools that feel more like rain­for­est grot­tos?  They usu­al­ly include a water­fall. You might want the nat­ur­al look of water falling over boul­ders, ledges and plants.  Or you may pre­fer some­thing very simple—just a beau­ti­ful rush of water stream­ing. The look of a cas­cad­ing cur­tain of water is also pop­u­lar and has a dra­mat­ic, mod­ern feel.

When you’re con­sid­er­ing adding a water­fall to your pool, you want to remem­ber that while falling water makes a won­der­ful sound, it can be noisy. A cas­cade of water drop­ping from one rock to the next has a loud­er sound than water flow­ing down the rocks like a bab­bling brook. Though you can turn it off when you need to, your water­fall will be run­ning the major­i­ty of the time so you want to make sure it’s some­thing you love, both with your eyes and your ears.

Hav­ing a water fea­ture doesn’t mean a whole lot more upkeep. We install each water fea­ture to drain back into the pool so that it won’t col­lect mos­qui­toes in sum­mer or cause freeze dam­age in win­ter.

Do you envi­sion hav­ing a water­fall in your pool? Give us a call and let’s talk about how to make it hap­pen.



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