One way to transform your pool and yard into even more of an oasis is to add a waterfall feature. You’ve see those backyard pools that feel more like rainforest grottos?  They usually include a waterfall. You might want the natural look of water falling over boulders, ledges and plants.  Or you may prefer something very simple—just a beautiful rush of water streaming. The look of a cascading curtain of water is also popular and has a dramatic, modern feel.

When you’re considering adding a waterfall to your pool, you want to remember that while falling water makes a wonderful sound, it can be noisy. A cascade of water dropping from one rock to the next has a louder sound than water flowing down the rocks like a babbling brook. Though you can turn it off when you need to, your waterfall will be running the majority of the time so you want to make sure it’s something you love, both with your eyes and your ears.

Having a water feature doesn’t mean a whole lot more upkeep. We install each water feature to drain back into the pool so that it won’t collect mosquitoes in summer or cause freeze damage in winter.

Do you envision having a waterfall in your pool? Give us a call and let’s talk about how to make it happen.



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