OK. So we haven’t exact­ly had a great spring for swim­ming out­side. That’s got to change even­tu­al­ly (right?), so here are some DIY pool-open­ing tips to have handy when the sun­shine strikes.

  1. Remove, hose off, fold and store win­ter pool cov­er. An accor­dion fold makes it easy to cov­er your pool again in fall. Be sure to keep it in a dry and rodent-free place.
  2. Bring out and replace all those items you’ve stored for win­ter: lad­ders, auto clean­er, bas­kets, plugs, gauges, etc.
  3. Inspect and test the elec­tric­i­ty for all pumps, lights, heaters, etc.
  4. Lube the valves and o-rings. Flood lines, start up the motor and adjust the valves for prop­er flow.
  5. Brush pool walls, steps and tiles and scrub skim­mers with phos­phate-free cleanser. Hose down your pool deck.

Have fun and call us if you have any ques­tions.





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