Success Tip #1: Replastering The Right Way

Which came first, the paint or the plaster? In this case, the paint—and that’s what’s causing the trouble.  Here we see how the plaster vibrated and a large chunk of it fell off the painted surface. The plaster shown here didn’t even last three years.

At Pacific NW Pools, before we replaster any pool, we prepare the painted surface by sandblasting the paint off. We also chip under the tile line and around all fittings—this prevents a big buildup of plaster. After this is done, we install a bond coat, which acts as a primer for the final plaster surface.

While this takes an extra day, it is absolutely worth it. When pool contractors skip this step, the result is typically what you see in the photo

So if you need to refinish your pool, get a couple of bids. If any of them seems super low, ask that contractor how they work. Make sure they plan on prepping the painted surface before replastering. This will save you aggravation and money in the long run.

Have questions about the state of your swimming pool? Give us a call.



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