Suc­cess Tip #1: Replas­ter­ing The Right Way

Which came first, the paint or the plas­ter? In this case, the paint—and that’s what’s caus­ing the trou­ble.  Here we see how the plas­ter vibrat­ed and a large chunk of it fell off the paint­ed sur­face. The plas­ter shown here didn’t even last three years.

At Pacif­ic NW Pools, before we replas­ter any pool, we pre­pare the paint­ed sur­face by sand­blast­ing the paint off. We also chip under the tile line and around all fittings—this pre­vents a big buildup of plas­ter. After this is done, we install a bond coat, which acts as a primer for the final plas­ter sur­face.

While this takes an extra day, it is absolute­ly worth it. When pool con­trac­tors skip this step, the result is typ­i­cal­ly what you see in the pho­to

So if you need to refin­ish your pool, get a cou­ple of bids. If any of them seems super low, ask that con­trac­tor how they work. Make sure they plan on prep­ping the paint­ed sur­face before replas­ter­ing. This will save you aggra­va­tion and mon­ey in the long run.

Have ques­tions about the state of your swim­ming pool? Give us a call.



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