This picture shows one of our clients’ spas, which was shut off and left full during the winter. Yes, this large crack is the result of the owner taking a little shortcut. Unfortunately, the temperature dipped and the spa water froze solid. You can see how hard the ice pushed on the spa walls, ultimately cracking the spa through the benches and floors.

Does your pool or spa look like this?

At Pacific Northwest, we recommend two things for winter care so you can avoid staring at cracks like these all summer (and they don’t take very long).

1. Circulate the water pools or spas during very cold weather.

3. Throw a foam kickboard—or anything compressed that floats—into the water, so the ice can push on that item instead of pushing on the pool or spa walls.

And if you didn’t do this last winter and are cringing at the residual damage now that you’re spending more time in your   pool or spa, give us a call and we’ll come take a look. Trust us, you’re not alone!



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