Anchors Awry!

Pool anchors are those lit­tle giz­mos to which you attach your pool cover and it’s very impor­tant that they be in the right posi­tion. Gen­er­ally, they’re set all around the pool, approx­i­mately 30 inches apart, like these in the photo are.

The prob­lem (which we see a lot!)  is that they’re often in the wrong posi­tion and need to be moved to work to their best advan­tage. In the photo, you can see poorly set anchors—they are much too low.  Who­ever poured this deck didn’t know how to set them and so this pool owner called us to come in and re-do them.

And, just so you know, they should be flush with the deck, so you can eas­ily adjust the bolt and more eas­ily han­dle your pool cover.

Are your anchors awry? Give us a call.




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