They say there’s an app for everything—and now there’s one for your swim­ming pool care.

You can use your smart­phone to help you keep your swim­ming pool in tip-top shape. We’ve been using Pool Doc­tor and like how we can enter our info (you can use any test kit) and it gives you a pre­scrip­tion for which chem­i­cals to add and why to add them. It works for all kinds of pools. They also have a cool “Ask the Doc­tor” cus­tomer ser­vice fea­ture.

There are a lot more out there that we haven’t tried. With some you can set up alerts to remind you when to clean, add chlo­rine, and top off the water. With oth­ers you can actu­al­ly match your pH test strip to a col­or pan­el on the app to keep your pH in bal­ance. Check them out and see which ones work for you.

Here are just a few of the options:

Pool Boy
Pool Chem­i­cal Dos­ing
Pool Cal­cu­la­tor
Swim­ming Pool Guide Pro
Swim Uni­ver­si­ty

Are you using an app for your swim­ming pool upkeep? Which one do you like? Let us know!

Screen­shot of Pool Doc­tor app



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