Just how does a swimming pool improve your life?
Let me count the ways.

  1. Increases Your Physical Fitness. Your “gym” is right in the backyard—you have no excuses, plus you save time and money. It’s a great way for the family to exercise together in a fun, low-impact, healthy activity.
  2.  Gives You More Family Time. You can play together more often without needing to leave home.
  3. Helps You Keep Track of Your Kids and Their Friends. You won’t have to wonder where your kids are or who they hang out with because they’ll be in your backyard.
  4. Gets You Back To Nature. Swimming in the morning, at night, unplugged and connecting with the trees and sky. There’s not much better than that. Having a pool is a wonderful way to be outdoors all year long.
  5. Lets You Enjoy a Staycation! No one in the family will mind hanging out at home for vacation when there’s a pool. And having a pool lasts you a lot longer than a weeklong vacation.
  6. Bask in Your Own Personal Spa. After the kids have gone to sleep and you’ve had a rough day, you can head out to the pool with a glass of wine—relaxation and rejuvenation.
  7. Cools You Off. This is the number-one reason people build pools and while in the Northwest, heatwaves don’t come around often, you’ll be glad you have your pool on those dog days of August.
  8.  Makes You More Social. You feel good about hosting a reunion, a neighborhood party, a graduation gala or an evening with friends when you have a pool.



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