Many peo­ple assume that a swim­ming pool cov­er is only a neces­si­ty in the cool­er months. But we rec­om­mend using it all year long. Here’s why: Not only is there the ever-present safe­ty con­cern, but a pool cov­er can also main­tain heat in your pool, keep the leaves and debris out, and extend the life of your chem­i­cals.

Here are the specifics:

  • The cov­er keeps heat in the pool so the water tem­per­a­ture stays warmer than you left it uncov­ered overnight.
  • You save time clean­ing out leaves, sticks and oth­er debris that would accu­mu­late with­out a cov­er.
  • Because of less debris in the pool and less direct sun­light bear­ing down, the life of your pool chem­i­cals is extend­ed.
  • Solar blan­kets are great in the North­west, where sun­ny days are at a minimum—it’s essen­tial­ly a blan­ket with ther­mal bub­bles that cov­ers the whole pool, heat­ing and insu­lat­ing it. It works bet­ter at keep­ing water warm overnight than a reg­u­lar pool cov­er does.
  • Auto­mat­ic cov­ers or hand-cranked “reel” sys­tems can make the work of cov­er­ing the pool much eas­i­er on you.

A good pool cov­er is an invest­ment that pays you back quick­ly, makes swim­ming eas­i­er and more enjoy­able, and saves you pre­cious time on clean­ing and main­te­nance.



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