Lots of our cus­tomers ask as about the best time to build a swim­ming pool.

And here’s what we tell them. Most peo­ple think spring and sum­mer are the best time to build here in the Pacific North­west. And, we do admit that, yes, it is pretty pleas­ant to be work­ing out­doors in the (poten­tial) sun­shine. But these are also our busiest times.

Fall is an IDEAL time to build—you’re guar­an­teed a full spring sea­son next year and there are far fewer delays. You can work on your out­door land­scap­ing in the spring with­out the pool builders or the par­tially built pool to worry about. We think it’s a lot nicer come spring to look out your win­dows at a fully con­structed pool than at a bunch of work­ers and a con­struc­tion site. Fall is also usu­ally an eas­ier time to sched­ule a build­ing inspec­tor than sum­mer is.

So, if you’re think­ing of hold­ing off til next year… don’t. We’re here for you!


Swim­ming pool con­struc­tion in Portland



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