Swim­ming Pool Feng Shui Tips:
How to make your out­door pool envi­ron­ment aus­pi­cious.

What did you thing when you read this head­line? Too woo-woo for you? Well, undoubt­ed­ly you’ve heard about feng shui—Coca-Cola, Sony, and Don­ald Trump all swear by this ancient art/science for cre­at­ing an ener­getic flow in envi­ron­ments that sup­pos­ed­ly brings good luck (or in these exam­ples, more prof­it).

The two Chi­nese words actu­al­ly mean “wind-water”—so what bet­ter place to look at these prin­ci­ples that your own swim­ming pool? Here are five tips from feng shui con­sul­tant Kathryn Weber for how to cre­ate good luck with your pool.

1. Select a shape that is aus­pi­cious.
The best shapes for pools are round, oval, kid­ney, or curv­ing. This is because none of these shapes have any hard edges or points, a no-no in feng shui.

2. Keep your pool size pro­por­tion­al to the size of your home.
Pools are bet­ter if they are not over­ly large. If they are too large for the home, they can “over­whelm” it, impart­ing much neg­a­tive ener­gy.

3. Place pools at the sides of the yard.
If pos­si­ble, it is bet­ter to posi­tion swim­ming pools at the side of a yard rather than direct­ly in the rear. Pools in that posi­tion can become men­ac­ing, as water behind you is con­sid­ered bad feng shui. (If your pool is already there, don’t wor­ry. There are “fix­es” you can make with plants to com­pen­sate for this posi­tion.)

4. Locate pools in a favor­able sec­tor.
Until the year 2043, pools should ide­al­ly be locat­ed in the North, South­west, East, or South­east sec­tors.

6. Incor­po­rate the five ele­ments around your pool.
Pools should be mixed with the oth­er ele­ments, such as met­al (handrail­ings, pumps, elec­tri­cal equip­ment), wood (plants, arbors, gaze­bos), earth (rock, cement sur­round­ings or deck­ing), and fire (light­ing). The pool should be har­mo­nious­ly incor­po­rat­ed into the land­scape.

And the oth­er way to make sure you have good luck is to work with Pacif­ic North­west Pools. We’ve brought good luck to Ore­gon and Wash­ing­ton pool own­ers for more than four decades.



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