Seems pretty sim­ple, doesn’t it? Dig a hole in the ground, fill with water, and… voila! A swim­ming pool is born. Well, as you prob­a­bly know deep down, it’s a lit­tle more com­plex. This dia­gram gives an idea of all the parts required to make your pool fil­ter run smooth, and your pool water stay warm and crys­tal clear.

And here’s the 101 on how swim­ming pools work–whether it’s a back­yard fit­ness pool or the giant wave pool at the amuse­ment park. All pools use fil­tra­tion plus chem­i­cals to keep the huge amount of water clean and clear.

  • A basin
  • A motor­ized pump
  • A water filter
  • A chem­i­cal feeder
  • Drains
  • Returns
  • Plumb­ing con­nect­ing all of these elements

To keep the water clear and safe, the water is pumped con­tin­u­ously, from pool through fil­ters and treat­ment sys­tems and back into pool.  Here in our often chilly North­west, many swim­ming pool own­ers include heaters to keep the water at a pleas­ant temperature.

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