Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? Dig a hole in the ground, fill with water, and… voila! A swimming pool is born. Well, as you probably know deep down, it’s a little more complex. This diagram gives an idea of all the parts required to make your pool filter run smooth, and your pool water stay warm and crystal clear.

And here’s the 101 on how swimming pools work–whether it’s a backyard fitness pool or the giant wave pool at the amusement park. All pools use filtration plus chemicals to keep the huge amount of water clean and clear.

  • A basin
  • A motorized pump
  • A water filter
  • A chemical feeder
  • Drains
  • Returns
  • Plumbing connecting all of these elements

To keep the water clear and safe, the water is pumped continuously, from pool through filters and treatment systems and back into pool.  Here in our often chilly Northwest, many swimming pool owners include heaters to keep the water at a pleasant temperature.

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