It’s won­der­ful to have a pool to exer­cise in every day, right? But does the thought of anoth­er hour of laps…
back and forth, back and forth… start to get a lit­tle dull?

Here are some fun ways to stay fit in your pool… as you take a lit­tle break from the laps.


Tread water while you’re chat­ting with your friends. (10 min­utes burns 45 calo­ries!)

Try some tri­cep dips on the stairs or the edge of the pool.

Do leg lifts and kicks using the water’s resis­tance.

Play a few rounds of Mar­co Polo or water vol­ley­ball. (Amaz­ing how long we kept those games up as kids!)

Get a kick­board and flut­ter kick your laps—feel your glutes burn!

Stay in the shal­low end and jog back and forth–the water resis­tance makes your legs work real­ly hard.

Prac­tice your div­ing. Tone your arms every time you lift your­self out of the pool.



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