Pool chem­i­cals are seri­ous busi­ness. Fol­low these tips to make sure you and your fam­ily stay safe and healthy while hav­ing fun in your pool and spa.

When you’re trans­port­ing chemicals:

  • Make sure to tighten all the caps or lids.
  • Set the bot­tles or con­tain­ers in plas­tic boxes in your vehicle.
  • Make your trip to the pool store your last errand. In other words, don’t drive all over town with the chem­i­cals in your car.

When you’re work­ing with them at home:

  • Even if you think you know all about your chem­i­cals, read and re-read the direc­tions on the label.
  • If your chem­i­cals require a scoop, use the same scoop each time—don’t share scoops among dif­fer­ent chem­i­cal con­tain­ers. Note: Never allow our chem­i­cals to mix! None of them are com­pat­i­ble with each other.
  • Wear safety glasses and gloves to pro­tect eyes and skin.
  • When you’ve added the chem­i­cal, return the scoop to the con­tainer and seal the lid in order to keep out mois­ture and child-proof as best as you can.

If you do spill chem­i­cals, clean it up right away with broom or hose. Dis­pose of the spilled mate­r­ial properly.


When it’s time to store them:

  • Make sure your stor­age area is dry, safe from kids, and ide­ally not too hot or not too cold.
  • You can pur­chase pool stor­age bins that are made specif­i­cally for chem­i­cal stor­age near the pool—they are a safe bet.
  • Choose a stor­age loca­tion out of the reach of chil­dren, which is dry, pro­tected and prefer­ably cli­mate controlled.
  • If you do store in garage or other build­ing, put chem­i­cals in a bin or box on the floor for safety.
  • Care­fully label con­tain­ers with the right name.
  • Peri­od­i­cally check expi­ra­tion dates and make sure to dis­pose of old chem­i­cals properly.






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