For pool fit­ness and exer­cise, we LOVE our Freestyle Pack­age. But there is a great alter­na­tive to swim­ming laps. Water walk­ing is a fan­tas­tic work­out that’s so easy and safe any­one can do it. You sim­ply put one foot in front of the other…



Here are some tips to make it even more effective.

  1.  Start out walk­ing in waist-deep water. As you progress, walk­ing in chest-deep water will offer more resis­tance and a bet­ter workout.
  2. Avoid walk­ing on your tip toes, which is what we all tend to do in the water.  It’s best if you sim­u­late walk­ing on land, rolling from the heel to the ball of your foot.
  3. Pump your arms and burn more calories.
  4. Cup and turn your hands so they move against the water for greater resis­tance. (The model in the photo is using hand “fins” for ever more resistance.)
  5. Alter­nate walk­ing for­ward and back­ward in order to work dif­fer­ent muscles.

As with all exer­cise, warm up before and after and drink plenty of flu­ids. Have fun! And when you’re ready to swim your laps, click here!



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