Sand was the original water filter.

Filtration is a key component to the water treatment system in your pool, keeping the water clean and safe for your family and friends. Actually, the development of filtration was what led to the possibility of the swimming pool itself. Here are some interesting facts about this vital process.

  • Sand was the first medium used to filter swimming-pool water in the early 20th Century.
  • Cartridge filtration was first used in the pool and spa industry in the 1960s and has seen a great deal of development in recent years.
  • The advantages of cartridges include increased surface area and water conservation.
  • The future of filtration focuses on a few key areas: Energy efficiency, increased water purity and removal of certain chemical elements.

What the future holds
The newest form of filtration to make its way into the pool and spa industry is Reverse Osmosis.  Right now RO is not being used as a permanent filtering system but as a service process to revitalize otherwise unusable water.  When used occasionally on pools it has gained popularity for its ability to create almost completely pure water.

Questions about reverse osmosis or making your pool filter as efficient as possible? Give us a call.



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