Make your poolside an oasis of lush greenery and eye-0opping color. Container gardens are the quickest and easiest way to soften the hard lines around your pool.  Grouping containers together in prominent locations around the pool, varying the heights and textures of the plants helps to meld your green space and pool area.  Pools also lend themselves well to structures such as pergolas and gazebos, which are great areas for poolside gardens.

When choosing your plantings you want to keep in mind several factors:

Ornamental grasses add drama while shrubbery or climbing plants lend softness to structures.  If low maintenance is your style, native plantings and natural materials mean upkeep is easy while blending with the natural surrounding landscape.

Don’t attract the bees–definitely not a welcome pool guest.  Dwarf evergreen shrubs are a great alternative and come in a wide variety of colors and hues.  And don’t rule out all flowering/blooming plants. Some, such as those with red flowers and either long or double-ruffled blossoms aren’t attractive to bees. However, if they are very fragrant the bees may find them anyway.  Before you purchase a blooming plant make sure it is not a bee favorite or to be super-safe, just stick with grasses and shrubbery.

Curious about plants that work the best in our short Pacific Northwest swimming season? Give us a call.



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