With the nice weather we’ve had this month in rainy ol’ Port­land, Ore­gon, con­struc­tion is mov­ing along on our demo pool. And we’re get­ting really excited to be able to show it to you.… soon! The lat­est accom­plish­ment was the enclo­sure instal­la­tion.  What do you think?

We used a crane to move the seg­ments into place and attach them to the rail sys­tem along the sides of the pool. Pretty dra­matic, eh? The end of this struc­ture will have a lock­ing door on it to allow you to enter from either the deep end side or the pool house. You can see here how great the pool house is look­ing, too. Our next step is to pour the deck.

Keep check­ing back for updates. See our progress here. We’ll keep you posted and send out invi­ta­tions to show off our swim­ming pool con­struc­tion at our Port­land Ore­gon pool-christening as soon as we’re ready.

If you’re inspired to work on your pool after see­ing these pic­tures, now’s the per­fect time. Check out our gallery here or give us a call–we’d love to talk to you about your vision!


The beau­ti­ful glass enclo­sure is com­ing together.

You’ll be able to enter the pool from deep-end side
or from the poolhouse.

Instal­la­tion hap­pens sec­tion by sec­tion (and on the good days). Swim­ming
pool con­struc­tion (Port­land, Ore­gon) def­i­nitely relies on the weather.

A dra­matic sight in the neigh­bor­hood as the crane
low­ers a sec­tion of the enclo­sure.
Swim­ming pool con­struc­tion Port­land Ore­gon.



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