With the nice weather we’ve had this month in rainy ol’ Portland, Oregon, construction is moving along on our demo pool. And we’re getting really excited to be able to show it to you…. soon! The latest accomplishment was the enclosure installation.  What do you think?

We used a crane to move the segments into place and attach them to the rail system along the sides of the pool. Pretty dramatic, eh? The end of this structure will have a locking door on it to allow you to enter from either the deep end side or the pool house. You can see here how great the pool house is looking, too. Our next step is to pour the deck.

Keep checking back for updates. See our progress here. We’ll keep you posted and send out invitations to show off our swimming pool construction at our Portland Oregon pool-christening as soon as we’re ready.

If you’re inspired to work on your pool after seeing these pictures, now’s the perfect time. Check out our gallery here or give us a call–we’d love to talk to you about your vision!


The beautiful glass enclosure is coming together.

You’ll be able to enter the pool from deep-end side
or from the poolhouse.

Installation happens section by section (and on the good days). Swimming
pool construction (Portland, Oregon) definitely relies on the weather.

A dramatic sight in the neighborhood as the crane
lowers a section of the enclosure.
Swimming pool construction Portland Oregon.



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