It’s Pretty Incredible… How Swimming Can Make Your Kids Smarter!

You’ve heard that music lessons can boost your child’s intellect and skills in school, but music’s just not your family’s thing. Well, it turns out swimming can give your kids an intellectual and developmental boost as well.  So don’t just keep them inside at a piano—an Australian study says to put them in swimming lessons for even greater benefit. It’s true… read on to learn how swimming can make kids smarter.

The study was conducted by the Griffith Institute For Educational Research and found that children who began swimming lessons earlier and continued with them longer benefited not only by reaching physical milestones earlier, but also developed skills involving language and mathematics sooner than non-swimmers did.

Here’s the reason why. Swimming lessons obviously teach coordination and visual motor-skill development but participants must also rely heavily upon highly intellectual skills such as counting and following verbal instructions, timing and discipline. The researchers say that the strong connection between language and action that is prominent in swimming lessons is crucial to the development of intellectual and motor skills.  The study showed that kids in swimming at an early age started making connections between language and action before they could even talk. It’s amazing how swimming can make kids smarter.

And here’s the best part. While researchers say that starting kids early has the greatest impact, it is NEVER too late. Your child can get these fantastic benefits from swimming no matter what their age.  And the longer they stay involved in swimming lessons, the more these skills continue to grow.




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