Chemical automation has become recognized as a must for all commercial and public pools and spas. Now it is fast becoming the standard of most quality residential installations. In short, Chemical automation is just what it sounds like—the automatic monitoring and control of the sanitizer and pH levels in water to maintain clean and safe swimming by preventing corrosion, scaling and the growth of germs and bacteria (such as eColi – yuck).

But get this—there is a benefit to your wallet as well. Chemical automation results in significant savings in the cost of chemicals, maintenance and repairs. Saves you time, headaches AND money.  AHHHHHHH (choirs of angels singing here).

Here are some features of a good chemical automation system for your pool:

  • Set up that is quick and easy
  • Programmable chemical feed cycle and mix times for precise water balance.
  • A built-in sensor that allows you to know that your water is in balance.
  • A flow sensor to assure that chemicals won’t feed without system flow.
  • Password-protected access to prevent tampering or accidental changing.

Automatic chemical feeders take the guesswork out of properly maintaining the chemical balance of your swimming pool and save you money.  So enjoy your pool and your new-found time with your family by automating.

Questions on your pool? Give us a call. Consults are always free of charge.



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