Chem­i­cal automa­tion has become rec­og­nized as a must for all com­mer­cial and pub­lic pools and spas. Now it is fast becom­ing the stan­dard of most qual­ity res­i­den­tial instal­la­tions. In short, Chem­i­cal automa­tion is just what it sounds like—the auto­matic mon­i­tor­ing and con­trol of the san­i­tizer and pH lev­els in water to main­tain clean and safe swim­ming by pre­vent­ing cor­ro­sion, scal­ing and the growth of germs and bac­te­ria (such as eColi — yuck).

But get this—there is a ben­e­fit to your wal­let as well. Chem­i­cal automa­tion results in sig­nif­i­cant sav­ings in the cost of chem­i­cals, main­te­nance and repairs. Saves you time, headaches AND money.  AHHHHHHH (choirs of angels singing here).

Here are some fea­tures of a good chem­i­cal automa­tion sys­tem for your pool:

  • Set up that is quick and easy
  • Pro­gram­ma­ble chem­i­cal feed cycle and mix times for pre­cise water balance.
  • A built-in sen­sor that allows you to know that your water is in balance.
  • A flow sen­sor to assure that chem­i­cals won’t feed with­out sys­tem flow.
  • Password-protected access to pre­vent tam­per­ing or acci­den­tal changing.

Auto­matic chem­i­cal feed­ers take the guess­work out of prop­erly main­tain­ing the chem­i­cal bal­ance of your swim­ming pool and save you money.  So enjoy your pool and your new-found time with your fam­ily by automating.

Ques­tions on your pool? Give us a call. Con­sults are always free of charge.



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