How would you like to reduce your operating costs for your pool up to 80 percent?

Yeah, we thought so.

We will soon be installing the Hayward Low Ambient Temperature Heat Pump on our demo pool. (Keep an eye on our Facebook page for our opening date!) This new technology uses the energy from the surrounding air to heat your pool making it environmentally friendly as well as friendly to your budget. It will produce heat even when the temperature is 40 degrees outside allowing you to enjoy your pool later into the season.

We continue to bring you the latest in state of the art, energy efficient support systems for your pool.  Check out some of these other new energy efficient products:

  • Solar Blankets . A solar blanket can reduce your pool or spa energy consumption by up to 80 percent  (if it is covering your pool up to 16 hours per day).  In-ground solar blankets take the rays of the sun and trap them into your in-ground swimming pool.  Above-ground solar blankets can warm your pool this year by up to 15°F.  They are loaded with thermal bubbles that retain heat at night and on cool, cloudy days.
  • Nothing makes water more vibrant than light and color.  But why not make your lighting energy efficient?  LEDs are extremely efficient and can save up to 79 percent  on energy costs when compared to traditional pool lighting.

Need a little advice on making your pool a whole lot more energy efficient? Give us a call!



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