It’s been a while since we showed you the latest photos from the almost-complete demo pool, so we’ve got some catching up to do. We are scheduled to have the pool and spa filling by the end of August!

The enclosure closed up against the pool house heats the building to 110 degrees during these mid-80-degree days!  We are excited to see how it helps keep  the pool warm in the cold weather.  The idea is it will act like a giant greenhouse so we (and whoever visits the pool) can swim all winter long.

We’ll keep you posted when we’re ready to take you on a tour. Check out our progress here.  Til then, here are some pics for your enjoyment.

Notice the chandelier and beautiful rock work!



See how the pool cover fits over the pool and slides out of the way.

The handsome pool cover seen from the outside--you can see the area into which it is pulled back.








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