If you saw our most recent pho­tos from our Demo Pool project (where you’ll be able to see our spa and swim­ming pool con­struc­tion and design on dis­play, just min­utes from Port­land) , you’ll notice our a-MA-zing pool cover. Now, there is no doubt that cov­ers help keep leaves, dust and other debris out of your pool water, cut down on your pool main­te­nance and reduce clean up time.

But there are a lot more ben­e­fits… Check ‘em out:

  1. Lower your heat­ing costs & extend your pool sea­son.  Your pool cover traps in the heat of the water cut­ting down on the energy needed to keep your pool warm.  The U.S. Depart­ment of Energy has reported that a pool cover is the sin­gle best way to reduce heat loss in a pool. By lim­it­ing unnec­es­sary evap­o­ra­tion, you’ll save energy and still be able to enjoy swim­ming in a warm pool.
  2. Water con­ser­va­tion. An uncov­ered 16 x 36 foot pool can lose as many as 180 gal­lons of water per week. Cut­ting down on evap­o­ra­tion means less refill­ing and less reheat­ing. Be sure to ask about cov­ers when you’re talk­ing to pool contractors.
  3. Chem­i­cal reduc­tion. When water evap­o­rates, so do your pool chem­i­cals. Up to 1 gal­lon of chlo­rine can evap­o­rate in an uncov­ered pool in just two hours on a hot day.  Keep­ing your pool cov­ered when not in use keeps your treated, bal­anced water in your pool longer.
  4. Reduced main­te­nance time and costs. Think about how reduc­ing debris can cut down on the main­te­nance needed for your fil­tra­tion system.
  5. Increased safety. With a sturdy  pool cover you can help pro­tect pets and chil­dren from falling into the water.

Not only that, auto­matic cov­ers eas­ily slide over your pool in under a minute. The ease of use will assure that your pool is cov­ered when it should be.  Pro­tect your invest­ment, save money, save time and SWIM MORE.  Isn’t that what you really want to do anyway?

Call us if you need any advice on the right pool cover for you–or if you have any ques­tions on pool or spa con­struc­tion in the Portland/Vancouver area.

The Pacific North­west Pools’ demo pool with a beau­ti­ful auto­matic pool cover.



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