Have you been curious about what’s going on with our big Portland pool construction project… the Pacific Northwest Pools Demo Pool? Well, friends, keep your swimsuit and goggles handy, because we are ALMOST there… So the latest step sis we installed the Pacific Blue Hydrazzo and polished it. (Isn’t it beautiful!)

So here’s the plan. Hopefully, the pool will be full at the end of today (September 26th). We will then start the pump and begin our 28 day cure process.  Since plaster is a cement product, it requires 28 days to fully cure.  So… very soon we will have the heater installed and are going to be inviting guests to try out the swim system! The pool showcases state-of-the-art materials and pool construction technologies–and is very convenient to Portland and Vancouver.

Keep an eye on the blog for your invitation to come swim with us and check out this beautiful spot…

And, as always, give us a call if you have any questions about your own pool or spa! Click here to look back at our progress and our pool construction techniques.



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