Two hours of swim­ming to burn off a Big Mac!

Many peo­ple swim for fit­ness and to help with weight loss. Any­one who exer­cises appre­ci­ates the mas­sive amounts of effort they need to exert to burn off a rel­a­tively small num­ber of calo­ries. Swim­ming is touted as one of the best full-body modes of exer­cise out there and burns 500–600 calo­ries an hour. So that’s just about two hours of ener­getic swim­ming to burn off one Big Mac… Think about that next time you grab the high-calorie con­ve­nience food.

And if you are inter­ested in hav­ing more time to swim in your day—and if los­ing weight and feel­ing great would be OK with you, click here to check out our pop­u­lar and more afford­able, per­sonal swim­ming option: The Freestyle Package.



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