You want to burn as many calories as possible, so which exercise is for you?  How does swimming compare with other forms of exercise? How many calories does swimming burn?

Looking at a calories-burned-per-hour basis, here’s how swimming stacks up. Swimming is definitely in the running with some of the most intensive sports out there. (Played a singles match lately? Whew!)

Swimming laps:

Freestyle Fast – 590 calories

Freestyle slow – 413 calories

swimming fitness

Swimming is right up there with tennis, aerobics and running when it comes to calorie-burning. And the big bonus: No impact injuries involved!

Running 6 mph – 590 calories

Tennis, singles – 472 calories

Stationary Cycling, moderate – 413 calories

Stationary Cycling, vigorous – 620 calories

Jazzercise – 354 calories

Step Aerobics – 502 calories

Even if your goal is to burn a high level of calories, other factors should be considered when you are looking at various ways to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.  For example, if you have knee, hip, or back pain, swimming is much easier on your joints.  Sports like running, tennis and aerobics put a great deal of impact stress on your body.

The important factor is to move and stay fit.  No matter what your fitness level, age or joint/pain issues, swimming is a great choice to help you achieve your goals.  It provides safe, non-impact cardiovascular benefits as well as muscle strengthening. Plus it has SO many other benefits, especially for your kids. Check out some of them here. The take-home message: Swimming burns calories!



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