Why the Pacific North­west Pools Freestyle Pack­age is a game-changer in the Port­land swim­ming pool market!

Are you think­ing about adding a pool to your home? If you are, I’m sure the ques­tions are com­ing fast and furi­ous and start­ing to over­whelm you…

Ques­tions like:

Where do we start and how do we know we are get­ting every­thing we need?

How can we pro­tect our­selves from sur­prises and hid­den costs?

Do we have enough room?

Do we want to relax in a hot tub or get a fan­tas­tic work­out? (Can we have both?)

Will we be able to use it year round?

How will we know how our PGE bill will be affected?

The Freestyle Package includes the amazing Badu SwimJet System, turning your relaxing pool into an awesome workout!

The Freestyle Pack­age includes the amaz­ing Badu Swim­Jet Sys­tem, turn­ing your relax­ing pool into an awe­some workout!


Well, here are some answers for you.… At Pacific North­west Pools, we’ve put together the per­fect pack­age for the budget-space-season con­scious poten­tial pool owner. Here are the top rea­sons why our Freestyle Pack­age is such a smart and pop­u­lar choice.

  1. The cost of build­ing a pool can be unpre­dictable. The Freestyle Pack­age gives you an afford­able option with­out the fear of sur­prises. Everything’s included.
  2. The Freestyle Pack­age comes with the awe­some Badu Swim­jet Sys­tem, which trans­forms your relax­ing pool into a intense workout.
  3. The Freestyle Pack­age is built with a smaller pro­file mak­ing it more energy and space effi­cient and a whole lot eas­ier on your PGE bill.
  4. The basic Freestyle Pack­age (really) has EVERYTHING you need, but if you’d like you can cus­tomize your pool with an impres­sive list of add-ons.
  5. We’ve priced the Freestyle Pack­age afford­ably and build it to last.  This pack­age is truly designed with the new pool owner in mind.

Curi­ous to learn more? Call us for a com­pli­men­tary con­sul­ta­tion to find out more about the Freestyle Pack­age.



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