A wide vari­ety of tile options pro­vide ways to express your artis­tic side when it comes to your swim­ming pool.  From porce­lain tile inlays to mosaic tiles in elab­o­rate pic­tures or designs, you can go sim­ple or sim­ply fabulous.

Ceramic mosaics and glass or porce­lain inlays add dimen­sion, color, life and enjoy­ment to your invest­ment. If you are build­ing new or remod­el­ing, tiles are a fairly easy addi­tion to the bot­tom or sides of your pool  Adding shadow to the graphic helps the tile add depth, cre­at­ing an image that lit­er­ally jumps out of the water. You can go for that detailed mosaic look with smaller pieces and more grout lines or find a pre-made inlay with larger pieces and few lines.  Whether you lean toward a Tus­can effect or a bright Mex­i­can look, you can do it with tile.

If you’re look­ing for a lower-cost option that doesn’t require resurfacing,“drop-in” pool mosaics are a fun, afford­able way to dec­o­rate your pool.  Instal­la­tion is easy.  Sim­ply drop it into your pool, let it sink to the bot­tom and leave it.  The weight of the mate­r­ial keeps it in place and a thick vinyl mat pro­tects your pool sur­face.  No adhe­sive is required.  Cus­tom order one for a spe­cial event, or choose a design that you can enjoy for sev­eral seasons.

Allure -- Peacock 1x1

The choice of swim­ming pool tiles is beau­ti­ful… and endless!

Ques­tions about which swim­ming pool tile choice is right for you? Call us for a free con­sul­ta­tion. We love to talk tile!



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