If your design sense goes numb when it comes to your outdoor furniture and outdoor living area, here are a few design rules (specific to poolside living) to consider.

  • Do you need to coordinate outdoor furnishings with indoor décor?  Well, if your outdoor living area is directly within view of the inside, then it should definitely allow for a visual flow, otherwise you will get annoyed looking at your red velvet couch and yellow walls against the bright blue chaise lounges.  Hint: This is why designers recommend choosing a black wrought-iron look for outdoors… this way you won’t want to run out and buy new furniture when the next trend comes along.
  • If your house is modern, then pretty much anything goes.  It works to have a contrast of curvy and straight lines in this type of setting.  Teak furniture looks right at home with modern home design.

Screen shot 2013-08-11 at 11.23.14 PM

  • If you live in the Northwest, white or light colored outdoor furniture is just not a good idea (unless you really like green furniture). Trust us.
  • The hottest thing might be tempting and look great…. But, if having the latest hottest “look” in outdoor furniture is important to you, be prepared to change it up in a year. Sorry.
  • Consider how your outdoor furniture and space are going to be used and how many people will be using it. This design factor really trumps all of the others.  Large groups sitting and having conversations, the need to have tables to place drinks upon because you plan on doing a lot of entertaining, or simply a few friends or family members lounging at the water’s edge… each scenario leads you to a very different furniture style decision.
  • If you are working with a large space, consider creating smaller conversation areas to add some intimacy and coziness.

Still stuck? Need help? Please give us a call… we’d love to brainstorm your outdoor living area with you.




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