Check out the Hayward SharkVac Robotic Pool CleanerThere is no doubt that auto­matic pool clean­ers are one of the great­est recent advance­ments  in the pool indus­try.  Vac­u­um­ing your pool is incon­ve­nient, labor inten­sive and requires spe­cial equip­ment. And yet debris can make your fil­ters and pumps work harder, leav­ing you with­out a nice clean pool more often.


Enter the extreme con­ve­nience of auto­matic pool clean­ers. These handy devices keep your pool spark­ing, with very lit­tle effort on your part.  Just drop the pool cleaner in the water and let it go to work.

The only prob­lem is there are so many out there to choose from.  We’ll help you do a lit­tle of your home­work right here so that you can make an informed buy­ing decision.

There are basi­cally 3 types of auto­matic pool clean­ers: Pres­sure side, suc­tion side and robotic.  Before you begin, con­sult with your pool pro­fes­sional (or just give us a call) to help deter­mine which type your pool is designed for.

A pres­sure side cleaner uses the pres­sure of the water as it gets returned back into the pool to pro­pel itself around the pool’s bot­tom and walls, vac­u­um­ing up all dirt and debris.  These are effec­tive and a good option for older pools that have a large amount of debris.

The most com­monly used on newer pools, suc­tion side clean­ers work best on pools with smaller debris and dust.  The clean­ers attach to the suc­tion side of the pool’s plumb­ing, either on the skim­mer or on a sep­a­rate side port specif­i­cally des­ig­nated for the cleaner (usu­ally on newer pools).  The dirt goes through the hose and into the pool’s pump strainer bas­ket, leaf can­is­ter and/or pool filter.

Robotic clean­ers are the best, as well as the most expen­sive of the auto­matic pool clean­ers. The one pic­tured runs about $500. They are also the most convenient—just place them in the water and they do all the work, trav­el­ing up the sides of the pool and even up stairs.  With a built-in motor and fil­tra­tion they oper­ate com­pletely inde­pen­dently from your pool sys­tem.  There’s no extra booster pump, no hose exten­sion, and no debris to get stuck in your pool fil­ter.  It is no won­der that the robotic cleaner is quickly becom­ing the auto­matic pool cleaner of choice.

There are other fac­tors to con­sider, includ­ing pric­ing, so call us for rec­om­men­da­tions on the best auto­matic pool clean­ers for your pool.



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