Bathing suit


Let’s face it, find­ing a great bathing suit that flat­ters, is styl­ish yet still func­tional is no easy task.  So when you finally find just the right one you def­i­nitely want to keep it look­ing great.  Between the chlo­rine and the sun and the out­door sur­faces, thought, your favorite suit of the sum­mer can take a beating.

Here are a few tips to help your cute suit main­tain its styl­ish shape and color all sum­mer long.

  • No mat­ter what kind of water you’ve been enjoy­ing, rinse your swim­suit after every use. Chlo­rine, salt, and sun­screen will wreak havoc on the color and fab­ric of your suit.  This should be done as soon as pos­si­ble, HOWEVER, and this is a really big how­ever, DO NOT LET YOUR SUIT JUST SOAK IN THE WATER.  This will cause col­ors to bleed and fade.
  • Always wash your suit in cold water. Hot water can break down lycra and span­dex, which will even­tu­ally cause it to stretch out and lose its shape. So don’t just toss it into the wash­ing machine or hop into a hot shower while you’re wear­ing it. Instead, gen­tly hand wash your swim­suit in cold or luke­warm water using a mild deter­gent then lay it flat to dry (don’t wring it out!). Be sure to dry the swim­suit indoors or in the shade—avoid direct sun­light since UV rays can cause the fab­ric to fade and deteriorate.
  • Pro­tect your bottom… atten­tion to the sur­face you may be sit­ting on if you decide to sit along the side of a pool.  Many can be rough and will cause some pretty seri­ous snag­ging on the rear of your bathing suit.



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