Energy effi­cient pool pumps are already con­sid­ered a great money-saving alter­na­tive.  But now Ore­gon cus­tomers of PGE or Pacific Power have an addi­tional incen­tive to make them even more attractive.

Unlike con­ven­tional pool pumps which run at only one speed, an ENERGY STAR-certified pool pump can run at dif­fer­ent speeds and be pro­grammed to match your pool.  The energy saved is considerable—reducing pump speed by one-half allows the pump to use just one-eighth as much energy. They run qui­eter (another very nice ben­e­fit), and pay for them­selves in less than two years.

The EcoPump is ENERGY-STAR certified.

The EcoP­ump is ENERGY-STAR certified.

But, wait… there’s more! Par­tic­i­pat­ing local util­ity com­pa­nies are giv­ing a $350 cash incen­tive to pool own­ers who pur­chase the ENERGY STAR-certified pumps.

Fol­low these steps to get cash for pur­chas­ing a qual­i­fy­ing pool pump:

  1. Estab­lish your eligibility.
  2. Pur­chase a qual­i­fy­ing ENERGY STAR® cer­ti­fied two-speed or vari­able speed pool pump.
  3. Sign and sub­mit your appli­ca­tion within 90 days of pur­chase. Mail or fax your signed and com­pleted appli­ca­tion, pur­chase receipt and instal­la­tion invoice marked paid in full.

If you have any ques­tions on which pool pumps qual­ify or where to sub­mit your appli­ca­tion, just give us a call.



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