Color Pool Bubblers

We love these super-fun water fea­tures.  Color Cas­cade bub­blers are not only fun and vibrant but they are energy effi­cient as well.  Per­fect for enhanc­ing your sun shelf, stairs or beach entry, bub­blers will make your pool come to life with fountain-like water move­ment, sooth­ing sounds and enter­tain­ing color-changing features.

Bub­blers typ­i­cally shoot streams of water up to 30 inches high and dis­play any­where from 5 – 9 col­ors as well as a vari­ety of light shows. The result­ing flume of water cre­ates a nat­ural, relax­ing sound in addi­tion to the color interest—and adds to your swim­ming pool fam­ily fun.

This “foun­tain alter­na­tive” has some very ben­e­fi­cial features:

  • They are low volt­age mak­ing them energy efficient.
  • They use min­i­mal water flow which means you can use mul­ti­ple units in one pool.
  • Designed for 2” to 10” of water.
  • When used with an optional Intel­liB­rite con­troller, you can enjoy fast and easy con­trol of color options and daz­zling, pre-programmed light shows.

Ask us about LED pool bub­blers and more of the lat­est pool acces­sories to enhance your pool own­er­ship expe­ri­ence and your fam­ily fun.



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