Color Pool Bubblers

We love these super-fun water features.  Color Cascade bubblers are not only fun and vibrant but they are energy efficient as well.  Perfect for enhancing your sun shelf, stairs or beach entry, bubblers will make your pool come to life with fountain-like water movement, soothing sounds and entertaining color-changing features.

Bubblers typically shoot streams of water up to 30 inches high and display anywhere from 5 – 9 colors as well as a variety of light shows. The resulting flume of water creates a natural, relaxing sound in addition to the color interest—and adds to your swimming pool family fun.

This “fountain alternative” has some very beneficial features:

  • They are low voltage making them energy efficient.
  • They use minimal water flow which means you can use multiple units in one pool.
  • Designed for 2” to 10” of water.
  • When used with an optional IntelliBrite controller, you can enjoy fast and easy control of color options and dazzling, pre-programmed light shows.

Ask us about LED pool bubblers and more of the latest pool accessories to enhance your pool ownership experience and your family fun.



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