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When researching which pool contractor to hire for your all-important pool project, here’s one question many people don’t ask…. and it makes a huge difference in how your project goes..

Will you do the work in house or use sub-contractors?

Here’s why to steer clear of companies that use sub-contractors.

1. Subs can cause major hiccups in scheduling. When your pool builder is dependent on someone else to do a certain piece of the job, and that sub-contractor gets a call for a job that is more “lucrative,”where do you think the sub is going to go?  Probably not to your job site. This has the potential of throwing your entire project way behind schedule.

2. Your relationship is with your pool contractor.  The sub-contractor doesn’t know you, your preferences, your schedule, your “must haves”, etc.  That means there is a lot of potential floating around for miscommunications. (Yes, the pun was intentional.)

3. It’s a lot harder to get answers. Your chance at a quick response time for sudden changes, needs, concerns, etc. go away pretty quickly when a sub-contractor is used.  Again, everything depends on other jobs they have going on.  It’s that “relationship” thing again.

4. A pool builder’s ability to use subs successfully is all about THEIR relationships. And it’s pretty much impossible to determine how strong a contractor’s relationships are with subs.  That’s taking a pretty big chance.  When you choose your contractor, you review their references, you look at prior projects, you ask all the right questions (link to previous blog on questions) and you go with your gut about whether or not this is a person you want to spend the next few months with—and that’s good.

But you don’t get an opportunity to interview the subs. And then there is the potential for conflict and finger pointing. Yikes and double yikes. If something doesn’t go well and the final quality isn’t what it should be, the contractor could possibly ditch accountability and point a finger at the sub. Ugh. You, the customer, get caught in the middle and your project gets delayed… or worse.  What a mess!

When you work with our team Pacific NW Pools, you get construction pros with more than 40 years of pool construction and remodeling experience. And we do all the work ourselves… We take the time to educate you, custom design your project for your needs and deliver an outstanding job, on time and on budget.

As always, give us a call if you have any questions.



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