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While it’s pretty balmy out there right now, it’s still January, and your pool is safely winterized and shut down for its cold-weather siesta.

No need to worry about pool safety for awhile, right?  Wrong.

Your backyard pool is a fun, safe source of summer fun, but don’t forget about it in the winter. Sliding on a tempting sheet of ice can be a big draw for kids and can be potentially hazardous.

Here are a few winter safety tips for your swimming pool. Take these precautionary measures to assure the best winter safety around your pool.

Here are our best winter safety tips for your swimming pool:

Activate your pool alarm if you have one.  Make sure the alarm is running and operational so that you’ll get a warning if any kids break the pool parameter.  If you are away, turn it loud enough that neighbors and passers by can hear.

Check your pool fence and gates. Is your fence the right height?  Is it sturdy?  Give your fence a nudge or two. Cold weather can affect its foundation so you will want to make sure it is secure all winter long.  You may also want to consider locking your fence, keeping out any accidental or unwanted wanderers.

Use a winter pool cover.  A cover in a bright, visible color can help warn kids that they are entering the pool area and is a signal to stay clear.

Make sure the area is clear. Toys from summer left lying around can be a big temptation for kids to go wandering around the pool. Keep the area free of clutter to reduce temptations.

A little safety diligence will put your mind at ease so that you can be all about enjoying your pool in the warmer months.

As always, feel free to give us a call if you want more winter safety tips for your swimming pool.




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