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While it’s pretty balmy out there right now, it’s still Jan­u­ary, and your pool is safely win­ter­ized and shut down for its cold-weather siesta.

No need to worry about pool safety for awhile, right?  Wrong.

Your back­yard pool is a fun, safe source of sum­mer fun, but don’t for­get about it in the win­ter. Slid­ing on a tempt­ing sheet of ice can be a big draw for kids and can be poten­tially hazardous.

Here are a few win­ter safety tips for your swim­ming pool. Take these pre­cau­tion­ary mea­sures to assure the best win­ter safety around your pool.

Here are our best win­ter safety tips for your swim­ming pool:

Acti­vate your pool alarm if you have one.  Make sure the alarm is run­ning and oper­a­tional so that you’ll get a warn­ing if any kids break the pool para­me­ter.  If you are away, turn it loud enough that neigh­bors and passers by can hear.

Check your pool fence and gates. Is your fence the right height?  Is it sturdy?  Give your fence a nudge or two. Cold weather can affect its foun­da­tion so you will want to make sure it is secure all win­ter long.  You may also want to con­sider lock­ing your fence, keep­ing out any acci­den­tal or unwanted wanderers.

Use a win­ter pool cover.  A cover in a bright, vis­i­ble color can help warn kids that they are enter­ing the pool area and is a sig­nal to stay clear.

Make sure the area is clear. Toys from sum­mer left lying around can be a big temp­ta­tion for kids to go wan­der­ing around the pool. Keep the area free of clut­ter to reduce temptations.

A lit­tle safety dili­gence will put your mind at ease so that you can be all about enjoy­ing your pool in the warmer months.

As always, feel free to give us a call if you want more win­ter safety tips for your swim­ming pool.




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