How Effective is Swimming Exercise at Burning Body Fat?

swimming fitness

Swimming remains one of the “go-to” exercises for people wanting to lose body fat.  You can burn up to 800 calories in an hour of vigorous lap swimming (that’s more than Spinning and more than Zumba!) Combine this with a healthy diet and you could lose up to a pound of body fat per week.

Good news, right?

Well , there’s more.

There are a few other reasons why swimming is such an effective way to reduce body fat.

Less risk of soreness, injury and pain.  The water helps to support your joints allowing for a greater range of motion with less risk of injury and resulting in less pain.  The fact that up to 90 percent of your body weight is supported by the water and that you don’t have the pounding of working out on dry land leads to less soreness.  This in turn leads you to stick with your work-out routine.

The resistance of the water works for you.  Resistance is one of the reasons why swimming burns so many calories…. but swimming also works your entire body at the same time.  The more and larger muscles you work at once, the more calories you burn.  And don’t forget about that ol’ muscle called the heart.  Swimming is fantastic cardiovascular exercise, too.




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