How Effec­tive is Swim­ming Exer­cise at Burn­ing Body Fat?

swimming fitness

Swim­ming remains one of the “go-to” exer­cises for peo­ple want­ing to lose body fat.  You can burn up to 800 calo­ries in an hour of vig­or­ous lap swim­ming (that’s more than Spin­ning and more than Zumba!) Com­bine this with a healthy diet and you could lose up to a pound of body fat per week.

Good news, right?

Well , there’s more.

There are a few other rea­sons why swim­ming is such an effec­tive way to reduce body fat.

Less risk of sore­ness, injury and pain.  The water helps to sup­port your joints allow­ing for a greater range of motion with less risk of injury and result­ing in less pain.  The fact that up to 90 per­cent of your body weight is sup­ported by the water and that you don’t have the pound­ing of work­ing out on dry land leads to less sore­ness.  This in turn leads you to stick with your work-out routine.

The resis­tance of the water works for you.  Resis­tance is one of the rea­sons why swim­ming burns so many calo­ries…. but swim­ming also works your entire body at the same time.  The more and larger mus­cles you work at once, the more calo­ries you burn.  And don’t for­get about that ol’ mus­cle called the heart.  Swim­ming is fan­tas­tic car­dio­vas­cu­lar exer­cise, too.




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