Kids are the num­ber one rea­son to build a swim­ming pool!

With yet another 90-plus degree week stretch­ing out in front of us.… you might actu­ally have con­sid­ered build­ing a swim­ming pool this sum­mer… yes, even in Ore­gon. Our busi­ness has been going gang-busters this sum­mer as locals imag­ine future soaring-temps sum­mers. In case you’re on the fence about it, here are our favorite 8 rea­sons to build a swim­ming pool in Port­land… and why hav­ing a pool is a win-win in Ore­gon and Washington.

1. Gives You Lots More Fam­ily Time at Home

When you have a pool, your kids and fam­ily can spend time together with­out ever leav­ing the yard. You’ll save on gas, restau­rants and motels–and make last­ing mem­o­ries as you teach your kids to swim, play games in the pool, and bar­be­cue healthy food by the water.

2. Pro­vides an Out­door Resort-like Oasis

A beautifully-designed swim­ming pool isn’t just a big con­tainer of water. It turns a dull back­yard into an ele­gant out­door oasis. We have ideas for water­falls, van­ish­ing edges and other unique fea­tures, which help turn your pool into a relax­ing and resort-like cen­ter­piece… right on your own property.

3. Becomes a Cool Gath­er­ing Spot for Friends

When hot after­noons and warm sum­mer evenings are the norm, peo­ple still want to get together… but the mer­cury can put a damper on your options. Your pool gives you a per­fect way to enter­tain on hot days and nights… super-easily. Invite your friends and neigh­bors over for a BBQ, a glass of wine pool­side or a dip in the water.

4. Helps You Stay Slim­mer and Healthier

What would it be like to exer­cise in your very own pool instead of dri­ving to the gym. Research shows again and again that swim­ming pro­vides an excel­lent total body work­out at low risk of injury. In our infor­mal study, we’ve seen that peo­ple who reg­u­larly use their pool have a much eas­ier time los­ing or main­tain­ing their weight, too.

5. Allows You the Oppor­tu­nity to Chillax 

When you get home from a long day at work or just need to escape the rig­ors of life, there is noth­ing quite so reju­ve­nat­ing as a quick dip in your own pool. Just a few min­utes in the water helps your body unwind and get rid of stress. (The more, the bet­ter, by the way!) An evening swim is also the per­fect anti­dote to sleeplessness—you’ll rest bet­ter than ever afterwards.

6. Cools You Off on Hot Days

It’s no secret that 2015 has been a tough sum­mer, temperature-wise, in much of the west, includ­ing tem­per­ate Ore­gon and Wash­ing­ton. Instead of crank­ing up the AC indoors, you could be loung­ing out­doors in the cool waters of your own pool. And sav­ing quite a bit on that expen­sive PGE bill, too!

7. Helps You Keep an Eye on Your Kids

With a swim­ming pool in your back­yard, your kids and their friends have a fun place to play that is both con­ve­nient and safe. And it is a mag­net for kids. If you were luck­ing enough to have a neigh­bor with a pool while you were grow­ing up, you remem­ber how that was THE house to be all sum­mer long. Not only is it eas­ier to hang out with them while relax­ing with a good book by the pool, you’ll also rest eas­ier know­ing the kids are right at home.

8. Lasts Way Longer than a Vacation.

Bot­tom line, your pool is a great invest­ment that will reap rewards for as long as you’re in your home. Those one-week sum­mer vaca­tions are great—but they’re expen­sive, gnarly to plan with all the kids’  sched­ules, and they even­tu­ally come to an end. Friends and fam­ily will enjoy the ease and fun of times by your pool for years to come.

As always, if you’re inter­ested in a no-cost con­sult and esti­mate, give Kary a call at our office.



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