The ancients knew the many health benefits of spas.

The ancients knew the many health benefits of spas.

Do you know where the word “spa” comes from? No, it’s not short for “spaghetti” or “spasm.” It’s actually an acronym for the Latin phrase “salus per aqua,” which translates to “health from water.” The health benefits of spas are famous: the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used spas both for relaxing and for healing therapy and relaxation.

In the early part of the 1900s, Portlanders who could afford it traveled to places like Breitenbush Hotsprings—still a hotsprings resort—for the therapeutic benefits of the waters. In the 1970s spas and hot tubs earned a party reputation but the reasons they feel as good to you as they did to the ancient Romans remain the same: Heat, Buoyancy and Hydrotherapy.

1. HEAT. As your body warms up, your blood flow increases, your blood vessels dilate and your blood pressure goes down. Your muscles relax and your warm blood circulates through your body—bringing that heat to places it normally doesn’t go. The result? Pain relief.

2. BUOYANCY.  Your joints get weary holding up your body weight all day… even if you are slim! Even if you’re not in pain, your joints have been working hard for you–standing, sitting, working, typing, etc. When you sit in your spa, the water’s buoyancy supports approximately 90% of your weight…and your poor ol’ joints breathe a sigh of relief.

3. HYDROTHERAPY. Your spa’s pulsing streams of water are like a therapeutic massage you can control… making it gentle or intense. There are many different jet designs in different hot tub models, and they can be arranged to target particular body parts. Smaller groups of jets will hit pinpoint muscles around your neck or wrists. Larger ones focus on your back or sweep up and down your entire back, just to the sides of your spine. Tiny jets will spin around your wrists. Other jets will aim for your calves, feet, or arms and soothe the muscles that need soothing.

Ready for “health from water?” Contact us if you’re interested in finally having your own spa.



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