It’s no secret that aquatic exer­cise is one of the best exer­cises you can do. Gen­tle and sooth­ing — with no stress on joints or bones — swim­ming is a fab­u­lous way to stay in shape.

And now there’s an afford­able, space-saving way to bring daily swim­ming to your own home and enjoy all the ben­e­fits of swim­ming and soaking.…without leav­ing your house.

With our Freestyle Pack­age fea­tur­ing the Badu Swim­Jet Sys­tem, you’ll burn calo­ries, strengthen mus­cles and soothe body aches by swim­ming against a gen­tle or increas­ingly insis­tent cur­rent. You con­trol the degree of work­out you want — build­ing body, mind and spirit.

Badu Swim­Jet Systems

Badu Swim­Jet Sys­tems are syn­ony­mous with the high­est level of qual­ity you’ve come to expect from Ger­man engi­neer­ing. Why set­tle for sec­ond best when you can have a Badu Swim­Jet Sys­tem in your pool?

Any pool, large or small, can pro­vide a mild to Olympic-style work­out with end­less swim­ming. What­ever type of pool you cur­rently own or plan to build, a Badu Swim­Jet Sys­tem will increase over­all use and value. Badu Swim­Jets offer the ulti­mate in flex­i­ble instal­la­tion options and exer­cise levels.

Out­fit­ted with a Badu Swim­Jet Sys­tem, your pool can become a lap pool pro­vid­ing well paced aer­o­bic exer­cise, or a tread­mill for swim­ming and var­i­ous lev­els of exer­cise, or sim­ply a place for fam­ily fun rem­i­nis­cent of a water park. Swim, play, exer­cise, relax – the ben­e­fits of the Badu Swim­Jet Sys­tem are enjoyed by all ages with­out the cost of a lap pool.


How They Work

A Swim­Jet Sys­tem cre­ates a cur­rent within oth­er­wise still water. To accom­plish this, the water is pumped into the pool through one, two, or three specif­i­cally engi­neered large recessed jet noz­zles. These noz­zles are mounted in an under­wa­ter hous­ing in the pool wall or in a hous­ing installed over the wall.

The water pump that comes with the sys­tem works specif­i­cally with the Swim­Jet noz­zles to cre­ate a cur­rent of up to 5,700 GPM. The jet noz­zles can be adjusted to change the depth and width of the cur­rent for an enjoy­able expe­ri­ence or a low impact water exercise.

As a bonus, a mas­sage hose can be attached to a jet noz­zle to pro­duce a pul­sat­ing, refresh­ing mas­sage like no other.

Our Freestyle Pack­age can be installed in any type of pool, new or exist­ing, large or small, from gunite and fiber­glass to vinyl liner. At Pacific NW Pools, we install these quickly and inex­pen­sively, turn­ing your pool into your own work­out cen­ter. Call us at 503–631‑4816 with ques­tions and for price and instal­la­tion details.

And check out this video of the Pacific NW Pools’ Freestyle Pack­age in action.


Freestyle Package



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