This salt spa corroded the metal railing surrounding it.


This scene looks pretty dra­matic… like a crime scene! Well, the dam­age salt cor­ro­sion does to metal rail­ings really is a crime. This photo above is one of our cus­tomers’ salt spa that cor­roded the rail­ing right through. If you’ve ever had a car dur­ing a North­east win­ter, you know that salt can be extremely corrosive.

To avoid this expen­sive and unsightly sit­u­a­tion ‚we love SR Smith rail­ings and use them for our cus­tomers when­ever we can. This com­pany makes rails that have a unique coat­ing, spe­cially made to stand up to the salt cor­ro­sion fac­tor in salt-chlorinator pools. An added ben­e­fit is that this coat­ing allows the rail­ings to stay cool even in blaz­ing sun.

The spe­cially coated rail­ings come in a vari­ety of col­ors to match your poolscape. And they are beau­ti­fully crafted.

SR Smith Railings


(Photo cour­tesy of SR Smith)

Do you have a salt spa or pool? Do you want to make sure that your lad­ders and rail­ings will with­stand salt cor­ro­sion? As always, please feel free to give us a call any­time at 503–631-4816. We love help­ing you enjoy your salt chlo­ri­nated pool or spa for a long, long time.






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