This salt spa corroded the metal railing surrounding it.


This scene looks pretty dramatic… like a crime scene! Well, the damage salt corrosion does to metal railings really is a crime. This photo above is one of our customers’ salt spa that corroded the railing right through. If you’ve ever had a car during a Northeast winter, you know that salt can be extremely corrosive.

To avoid this expensive and unsightly situation ,we love SR Smith railings and use them for our customers whenever we can. This company makes rails that have a unique coating, specially made to stand up to the salt corrosion factor in salt-chlorinator pools. An added benefit is that this coating allows the railings to stay cool even in blazing sun.

The specially coated railings come in a variety of colors to match your poolscape. And they are beautifully crafted.

SR Smith Railings


(Photo courtesy of SR Smith)

Do you have a salt spa or pool? Do you want to make sure that your ladders and railings will withstand salt corrosion? As always, please feel free to give us a call anytime at 503-631-4816. We love helping you enjoy your salt chlorinated pool or spa for a long, long time.






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