Stamped concrete deck


Stamped con­crete pool decks are a pop­u­lar trend in out­door design these days. For good rea­son! We love using con­crete (the photo shows our demo pool in Port­land that always gets a lot of com­pli­ments) and how flex­i­ble it is. Here are four rea­sons why we rec­om­mend stamped con­crete decks when­ever we install a new pool.

  1. Stamped con­crete decks can often be installed faster and less expen­sively than stone, brick or tile.
  2. Con­crete gives you more color, pat­tern and fin­ish options so you can design to your heart’s con­tent at a frac­tion of the cost of those other mate­ri­als. Your bud­get will deter­mine how fancy you can get. If you have a higher bud­get, you can choose mul­ti­ple col­ors and stamped pat­terns or hand-applied designs.
  3. Con­crete lasts longer and requires less main­te­nance than other mate­ri­als, so you’ve got big, long-term sav­ings to consider.
  4. Con­crete is extremely durable, slip-resistant and reflects the sun so the sur­face won’t get super-hot.




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