Here are the essen­tial questions to ask any pool contractor before you start working together. (Questions come cour­tesy of Mar­cus Sheri­dan at River Pools)  We took the lib­erty of fill­ing in Pacific Northwest Pools’ answers here so you have them handy.


When the enclo­sure is open, it allows for full use of the pool area

Our expe­ri­enced crew is expert at all aspects of pool con­struc­tion
so we don’t have to worry about sub-contractors.


1. Have you ever gone out of busi­ness or filed bank­ruptcy? Have you oper­ated under other names?

No, we’ve been in busi­ness con­sis­tently since 1974 under the names Best West Con­struc­tion and Rayson, Inc. We’re cur­rently oper­at­ing as Ad-Tech and Pacific NW Pools and we’ve never filed bank­ruptcy.

2. Where is  your busi­ness and/or show­room located?

 Our office is located in Clackamas, Ore­gon. We have a gorgeous demo pool we love to show off in nearby Happy Val­ley, Oregon.

3. How many pools have you worked on in the Port­land area?

We’ve worked on thou­sands of pools over the years.

4. Can you pro­vide references?

Yes, we have writ­ten ref­er­ences avail­able and are happy to give you names of our cus­tomers you can call for a ver­bal reference.

5. How com­plete is your esti­mate? Will I be sur­prised when I start to work with you?

 This is a great “what to ask your pool builder” ques­tion! We only give you an esti­mate once we’ve taken a look at your prop­erty. Our projects come in on-time and on-budget because 1) We know exactly what we’re doing and 2) We have a crew that does just about all of the work. We don’t have to rely on sub-contractors.

6.  How long have you been work­ing under your present name?

We changed our name to Pacific NW Pools in 2012 to bet­ter reflect our busi­ness. We still oper­ate under the name of Ad-Tech Pools, as well. Before that, we were Rayson Inc. and we started our com­pany in 1972.

7. Can I talk to sup­pli­ers that you’ve used for the last cou­ple of years?

You bet. We have great rela­tion­ships with our sup­pli­ers and ven­dors. We work with some of the best com­pa­nies in our indus­try and we’re  happy to sup­ply that infor­ma­tion.

8. Can you give me copies of lien waivers from  sub-contractors and  ven­dors to show they’ve been paid for the work they’ve done with you?

Yes, of course. As we said above, we’re proud of our good rela­tion­ships and com­fort­able shar­ing those names with you.

9. Do I make out a check to a per­sonal or busi­ness account?

We only accept checks made out to our busi­ness account.

10. Why should I trust you to build my pool?

There are sev­eral rea­sons you should trust Pacific NW Pools. 

  • We main­tain a per­sonal, open and com­mu­nica­tive rela­tion­ship with you as we walk through every stage of your project. We aren’t done until you are com­pletely satisfied. 
  • We don’t job out to sub-contractors so you’ll know the peo­ple who are on your prop­erty, an aspect of our com­pany that our cus­tomers love. 
  • We’ve been around more for than 40 years and have ended up fix­ing a lot of the mis­takes that other con­trac­tors have made. As a result, we know and use only the mate­ri­als and tech­niques that are going to last and make your life as a pool or spa owner easy, pleas­ant and fun. (After all, fun is one of the rea­sons you’re build­ing that pool, right?)

11.  Should I run a Dun & Brad­street report on you? What would I find?

 You would learn that we have a very long his­tory of pay­ing our bills on time.

12. Do you pro­vide work­ers comp and gen­eral lia­bil­ity insur­ance for every­one work­ing on the job? 

Yes, every per­son who works on any of our projects is fully insured.

13. Can I see a copy of your cer­tifi­cate of insurance?

  We are happy to pro­vide that information.

14. Will all the work involved in build­ing my pool be included in my contract?

Yes, our con­tract is very thor­ough and includes every aspect of labor, mate­ri­als, per­mits, etc., except for han­dling the elec­tri­cal or gas line. We are happy to include this work in our esti­mate, but often allow the client to man­age the elec­tri­cal and gas aspect.

15. Will you give me an item­ized break­down of  parts, mate­ri­als, labor costs and services?

Yes, this is standard practice and we pro­vide this to every customer.

So, if you’re interviewing contractors for your pool project, your assign­ment is to ask these ques­tions of every one  you speak with. Remem­ber, an edu­cated pool owner is a happy pool owner!

As always, if you’ve got any ques­tions, just email or give us a call at 503–631-4816.  We want you to be edu­cated before you make this very important decision.



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