Decommissioned Pool FAIL

This very visible reminder is not what you want in your backyard if you decommission your swimming pool!



Are you or someone you know thinking about decommissioning your swimming pool?

If it’s a matter of cost and the “hassle” of owning a swimming pool, we’d love to talk with you about ways to make your pool work better for you. There are often ways to cut down on costs by running the filter less often, etc. But some people are just really dead-set on decommissioning their pool. If that’s you or someone you know, please read this first so you do it right. It’s a big step and you want all the information in front of you before you take action and decommission your swimming pool.

How NOT To Decommission Your Swimming Pool

1. Don’t just empty the pool of water. If you do, it will float up out of the ground, possibly damaging plumbing and electrical connections to the pool.

2. Don’t just fill it with dirt. With no way for rainwater to drain out, it will become a mud pit or  Especially here in the Pacific Northwest. The first step in the decommissioning process is draining the pool. Then you use a jackhammer to drill holes through the pool bottom. Once you do this, then you can fill with dirt and landscape over. (And be sure you have a landscaper who knows what they’re doing help you with landscaping—see photo above!)

3. Don’t do it yourself. Please have a pro help you do this right so you aren’t faced with a bigger problem down the road. There are permitting issue and regulations for pool removal that the pros will be on top of. Keep in mind that permanent solution can cost several thousand dollars.

Alternatives to decommissioning your swimming pool.

  • Before you get rid of your pool, talk to a local trustworthy real estate agent who knows your area. Taking the pool out could drop the value of your property.
  • Talk to your pool cleaner to see if they’ll share any secrets to spending less time and less money keeping the pool up.
  • Check out companies that will build a deck over your pool, so you can use the pool space for storage.
  • Consider a pool renovation that will help you create the kind of pool and environment you’ll be excited about.

As always, call us with any questions! 503-631-4816.




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