Decommissioned Pool FAIL

This very vis­i­ble reminder is not what you want in your back­yard if you decom­mis­sion your swim­ming pool!



Are you or some­one you know think­ing about decom­mis­sion­ing your swim­ming pool?

If it’s a mat­ter of cost and the “has­sle” of own­ing a swim­ming pool, we’d love to talk with you about ways to make your pool work bet­ter for you. There are often ways to cut down on costs by run­ning the fil­ter less often, etc. But some peo­ple are just really dead-set on decom­mis­sion­ing their pool. If that’s you or some­one you know, please read this first so you do it right. It’s a big step and you want all the infor­ma­tion in front of you before you take action and decom­mis­sion your swim­ming pool.

How NOT To Decom­mis­sion Your Swim­ming Pool

1. Don’t just empty the pool of water. If you do, it will float up out of the ground, pos­si­bly dam­ag­ing plumb­ing and elec­tri­cal con­nec­tions to the pool.

2. Don’t just fill it with dirt. With no way for rain­wa­ter to drain out, it will become a mud pit or  Espe­cially here in the Pacific North­west. The first step in the decom­mis­sion­ing process is drain­ing the pool. Then you use a jack­ham­mer to drill holes through the pool bot­tom. Once you do this, then you can fill with dirt and land­scape over. (And be sure you have a land­scaper who knows what they’re doing help you with landscaping—see photo above!)

3. Don’t do it your­self. Please have a pro help you do this right so you aren’t faced with a big­ger prob­lem down the road. There are per­mit­ting issue and reg­u­la­tions for pool removal that the pros will be on top of. Keep in mind that per­ma­nent solu­tion can cost sev­eral thou­sand dollars.

Alter­na­tives to decom­mis­sion­ing your swim­ming pool.

  • Before you get rid of your pool, talk to a local trust­wor­thy real estate agent who knows your area. Tak­ing the pool out could drop the value of your property.
  • Talk to your pool cleaner to see if they’ll share any secrets to spend­ing less time and less money keep­ing the pool up.
  • Check out com­pa­nies that will build a deck over your pool, so you can use the pool space for storage.
  • Con­sider a pool ren­o­va­tion that will help you cre­ate the kind of pool and envi­ron­ment you’ll be excited about.

As always, call us with any ques­tions! 503–631-4816.




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