We are lucky enough to live in Portland, Oregon, where tiny is beautiful. Small-scale homes are growing in popularity because they make home ownership financially more possible—and greatly reduce the maintenance time a home typically takes up. You get all the benefits of a full-size home with a lot more time and money to spare.

A backyard swimming pool is not too different in this regard. Constructing and maintaining a full-size pool can be expensive and super time-consuming.

Adding a tiny pool to your small backyard is a great option—and the result will leave you amazed, as you discover a brand new hangout and workout just a few steps away from your living room!

Because swim­ming pool con­struc­tion costs can be unpre­dictable, we designed our com­pre­hen­sive “Freestyle Pack­age” to give you the pool you’ve been dream­ing of at an afford­able price—with no sur­prises along the way.

This pool is small, but built to last—and will help you last as well. Built with the high­est qual­ity mate­ri­als to sus­tain the test of time, the Freestyle’s smaller pro­file uses less energy, mak­ing own­ing a pool more sus­tain­able for your monthly bills, too.

And the pop­u­lar Badu Swim­Jet Sys­tem turns a sim­ple dip in your pool into a great work­out. Hydrotherapy’s many ben­e­fits include improved blood cir­cu­la­tion, reduced inflam­ma­tion, and increased nutri­ents and oxy­gen to blood vessels.

The Freestyle Pack­age makes buy­ing a pool easy. Work­ing with your design or ours, our pros will explain the advan­tages of the pack­age ele­ments and give you sug­ges­tions for per­son­al­iz­ing your pool to fit with your home and your lifestyle.


  • Steel rein­forced in-ground shot­crete shell or vessel
  • Cop­ing brick around perime­ter of the pool
  • Dimen­sions: 10 x 14 ft
  • Com­plete set of scaled draw­ings and engi­neered layout
  • 3.5 to 5-feet deep Badu Swim­Jet Sys­tem for in-place swim­ming and walking
  • LED Blanco Light
  • Hay­ward TriS­tar 2 speed pump
  • Gas or elec­tric heater
  • Car­tridge fil­ter (requires no back­wash­ing and saves water)
  • 3 steps in shal­low end
  • Dual main drains
  • Two (2) adjustable sur­face returns
  • 6” porce­lain water­line tile
  • White plas­ter surface
  • Com­plete clean up of all pool con­struc­tion debris
  • Main­te­nance kit and start-up chem­i­cals with training
  • Con­struc­tion man­ager with more than 30 years pool build­ing experience
  • $1,000,000 lia­bil­ity and dam­age protection
  • Fully licensed and bonded, includ­ing Workman’s Comp on all employees

From here, the sky’s the limit. Once you have the basics in place you can cus­tomize your pool the fol­low­ing for an addi­tional cost:

  • Bench and mas­sage nozzles
  • OmniLogic con­trols – iPhone inter­face, wire­less remote, pool-side controls
  • Auto cover
  • Cus­tom tile and mosaics
  • Cus­tom inte­rior finish
  • Cus­tom poured, stamped and stained perime­ter cap
  • UV fil­ter
  • Color LED lights
  • Water fea­tures
  • Remov­able enclosure

If the Freestyle Pack­age sounds right for you, give us at a call at 503–631-4816 today or email to talk about the possibilities!




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