When you’re a pool owner, as you know, keep­ing peo­ple safe around your pool has to be your number-one pri­or­ity. Now, we’re not going to name any names here, but this is not the way to keep peo­ple out of your pool when you’re not around.

We snapped this pic­ture when we were out check­ing out a pool this spring.

REMEMBER: The “safety cover” is not a SAFETY cover some­one can super eas­ily climb right under it.  When you put the safety cover on, take the rail­ing out! In this case, the owner prob­a­bly wasn’t able to pull the rail out, so instead, just went right over it with the over.





Now, after our recent 100-degree week­end in the Port­land area, you prob­a­bly won’t be think­ing of cov­er­ing your pool for a while.  But it’s always a good idea. Here’s why you want to use a pool safety cover:

  1. Low­ers your heat­ing costs & extends your pool sea­son.  Your pool safety cover traps in the heat of the water cut­ting down on the energy needed to keep your pool warm.  The U.S. Depart­ment of Energy has reported that a pool cover is the sin­gle best way to reduce heat loss in a pool. By lim­it­ing unnec­es­sary evap­o­ra­tion, you’ll save energy and still be able to enjoy swim­ming in a warm pool.
  2. Con­serves water. An uncov­ered 16 x 36 foot pool can lose as many as 180 gal­lons of water per week. Cut­ting down on evap­o­ra­tion means less refill­ing and less reheat­ing. Be sure to ask about cov­ers when you’re talk­ing to pool contractors.
  3. Main­tains pool chem­i­cals longer. When water evap­o­rates, so do your pool chem­i­cals. Up to 1 gal­lon of chlo­rine can evap­o­rate in an uncov­ered pool in just two hours on a hot day.  Keep­ing your pool cov­ered when not in use keeps your treated, bal­anced water in your pool longer.
  4. Reduces your main­te­nance time and costs. Think about how reduc­ing debris can cut down on the main­te­nance needed for your fil­tra­tion system.
  5. Increases safety. With a sturdy, prop­erly installed pool safety cover you can help pro­tect pets and chil­dren from falling into the water.

Want to see our favorite way to cover a pool? Check out pic­tures of our fab­u­lous auto­matic pool cover at our Port­land demo pool here.





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