When you’re a pool owner, as you know, keeping people safe around your pool has to be your number-one priority. Now, we’re not going to name any names here, but this is not the way to keep people out of your pool when you’re not around.

We snapped this picture when we were out checking out a pool this spring.

REMEMBER: The “safety cover” is not a SAFETY cover someone can super easily climb right under it.  When you put the safety cover on, take the railing out! In this case, the owner probably wasn’t able to pull the rail out, so instead, just went right over it with the over.





Now, after our recent 100-degree weekend in the Portland area, you probably won’t be thinking of covering your pool for a while.  But it’s always a good idea. Here’s why you want to use a pool safety cover:

  1. Lowers your heat­ing costs & extends your pool sea­son.  Your pool safety cover traps in the heat of the water cut­ting down on the energy needed to keep your pool warm.  The U.S. Depart­ment of Energy has reported that a pool cover is the sin­gle best way to reduce heat loss in a pool. By lim­it­ing unnec­es­sary evap­o­ra­tion, you’ll save energy and still be able to enjoy swim­ming in a warm pool.
  2. Conserves water. An uncov­ered 16 x 36 foot pool can lose as many as 180 gal­lons of water per week. Cut­ting down on evap­o­ra­tion means less refill­ing and less reheat­ing. Be sure to ask about cov­ers when you’re talk­ing to pool contractors.
  3. Maintains pool chem­i­cals longer. When water evap­o­rates, so do your pool chem­i­cals. Up to 1 gal­lon of chlo­rine can evap­o­rate in an uncov­ered pool in just two hours on a hot day.  Keep­ing your pool cov­ered when not in use keeps your treated, bal­anced water in your pool longer.
  4. Reduces your main­te­nance time and costs. Think about how reduc­ing debris can cut down on the main­te­nance needed for your fil­tra­tion system.
  5. Increases safety. With a sturdy, properly installed pool safety cover you can help pro­tect pets and chil­dren from falling into the water.

Want to see our favorite way to cover a pool? Check out pictures of our fabulous automatic pool cover at our Portland demo pool here.





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