Here in the lush and green Pacific Northwest, saving water is not always foremost on our mind.

We’re more often surrounded by water (and rain, and water). After all, it’s not like we’re like Californians with their ongoing drought… right? Well, think again. 2015 marked the fourth consecutive drought year in Oregon–and we’ve already hit 100 degrees in early June 2016.

Having a pool makes a hot, dry summer so much better—but we still want to be responsible with water use.

Here are some tips to be more environmentally conscious and minimize water loss (save water!) in your pool this summer.

  1. Pay attention when filling the pool so you don’t overfill it. Plug the overflow line.
  2. Invest in a properly fitted pool coverA well-fitted pool cover cuts down water loss by reducing evaporation.
  3. Turn off the automatic pool cleaner spray device. The splashing water evaporates faster..
  4. Repair leaks. Even tiny leaks in pool equipment or structure can lead to hundreds of gallons (or more!) of water loss.
  5. Reduce the temperature of your swimming pool or spa. This saves water because warmer water evaporates more quickly.
  6. Turn off unnecessary fountains and waterfalls. The water evaporates more quickly when it’s splashing in a fountain or waterfall.
  7. Keep your filter clean as possible by hand-cleaning. Backwashing uses more water.
  8. Maintain proper chemical levels and adequate circulation time. Avoid having to drain and refill due to an unnecessary chemical imbalance.

Concerned about saving water this summer? Give us a call and we’ll help you figure out how. 503-631-4816.



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