Here in the lush and green Pacific North­west, sav­ing water is not always fore­most on our mind.

We’re more often sur­rounded by water (and rain, and water). After all, it’s not like we’re like Cal­i­for­ni­ans with their ongo­ing drought… right? Well, think again. 2015 marked the fourth con­sec­u­tive drought year in Oregon–and we’ve already hit 100 degrees in early June 2016.

Hav­ing a pool makes a hot, dry sum­mer so much better—but we still want to be respon­si­ble with water use.

Here are some tips to be more envi­ron­men­tally con­scious and min­i­mize water loss (save water!) in your pool this summer.

  1. Pay atten­tion when fill­ing the pool so you don’t over­fill it. Plug the over­flow line.
  2. Invest in a prop­erly fit­ted pool coverA well-fitted pool cover cuts down water loss by reduc­ing evaporation.
  3. Turn off the auto­matic pool cleaner spray device. The splash­ing water evap­o­rates faster..
  4. Repair leaks. Even tiny leaks in pool equip­ment or struc­ture can lead to hun­dreds of gal­lons (or more!) of water loss.
  5. Reduce the tem­per­a­ture of your swim­ming pool or spa. This saves water because warmer water evap­o­rates more quickly.
  6. Turn off unnec­es­sary foun­tains and water­falls. The water evap­o­rates more quickly when it’s splash­ing in a foun­tain or waterfall.
  7. Keep your fil­ter clean as pos­si­ble by hand-cleaning. Back­wash­ing uses more water.
  8. Main­tain proper chem­i­cal lev­els and ade­quate cir­cu­la­tion time. Avoid hav­ing to drain and refill due to an unnec­es­sary chem­i­cal imbalance.

Con­cerned about sav­ing water this sum­mer? Give us a call and we’ll help you fig­ure out how. 503–631-4816.



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