Slate stamped con­crete with NDS chan­nel drains, stained and sealed.

Slate stamped con­crete with NDS chan­nel drains, stained and sealed.


Dream­ing of tack­ling a major project like this gor­geous pool deck­ing we recently com­pleted at our Port­land Demo Pool?

Now that it’s sum­mer and you’re hang­ing out by your pool, all those lit­tle projects get a lit­tle more com­pelling, don’t they?

Well, heads up that you’re prob­a­bly going to have to wait. Con­trac­tors have peak “busy” times and then “not so busy” times. They often get hit in the spring with com­mer­cial projects that must be com­pleted by Memo­r­ial Day, mak­ing spring a risky time for you to start your pool project and hope to have it com­pleted by sum­mer. And sum­mer is always filled with long-planned jobs and contracts.

Our sug­ges­tion?

Think about get­ting your pool con­struc­tion project com­pleted while your pool isn’t in use.

Yup, between Labor Day and St. Patty’s Day.

Fall or win­ter are both great times for start­ing your pool project. The com­ple­tion date can be sched­uled for late spring because the major­ity of the work will have been com­pleted months before.  Then when the weather warms up in the spring, we just have to sur­face the pool , fill it and, Voila! You’re ready for the swim season.

Another great rea­son to con­sider fall or win­ter is that pool projects can stir up a fair amount of noise and dust. Keep­ing your win­dows shut helps keep your life a lit­tle more peace­ful while the ren­o­va­tion is going on. Do you really want to shut your win­dows in July or August?

Finally, the con­struc­tion period can be timed to bet­ter accom­mo­date your sched­ule when  you have the work done in the off-season. You won’t be fight­ing for space on an already busy calendar.

So as you are enjoy­ing your pool this sum­mer, make that list of ren­o­va­tions you would like to add for next year and sched­ule us for the fall. From adding a water fea­ture to updat­ing the deck, you’ll be glad you didn’t wait til next summer!

As always, call with any ques­tions: 503–631-4816.



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