Slate stamped con­crete with NDS chan­nel drains, stained and sealed.

Slate stamped con­crete with NDS chan­nel drains, stained and sealed.


Dreaming of tackling a major project like this gorgeous pool decking we recently completed at our Portland Demo Pool?

Now that it’s summer and you’re hanging out by your pool, all those little projects get a little more compelling, don’t they?

Well, heads up that you’re probably going to have to wait. Contractors have peak “busy” times and then “not so busy” times. They often get hit in the spring with commercial projects that must be completed by Memorial Day, making spring a risky time for you to start your pool project and hope to have it completed by summer. And summer is always filled with long-planned jobs and contracts.

Our suggestion?

Think about getting your pool construction project completed while your pool isn’t in use.

Yup, between Labor Day and St. Patty’s Day.

Fall or winter are both great times for starting your pool project. The completion date can be scheduled for late spring because the majority of the work will have been completed months before.  Then when the weather warms up in the spring, we just have to surface the pool , fill it and, Voila! You’re ready for the swim season.

Another great reason to consider fall or winter is that pool projects can stir up a fair amount of noise and dust. Keeping your windows shut helps keep your life a little more peaceful while the renovation is going on. Do you really want to shut your windows in July or August?

Finally, the construction period can be timed to better accommodate your schedule when  you have the work done in the off-season. You won’t be fighting for space on an already busy calendar.

So as you are enjoying your pool this summer, make that list of renovations you would like to add for next year and schedule us for the fall. From adding a water feature to updating the deck, you’ll be glad you didn’t wait til next summer!

As always, call with any questions: 503-631-4816.



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