It’s no secret that the North­west is the land of the dog. There probably is no more dog-friendly place you could live. As a result, we get frequent ques­tions from our dog-loving cus­tomers about canine swim­ming safety, pool care, and even the right pools for their fur-babies. Today, we’re answer­ing some of the most com­mon ques­tions we get about swimming with dogs and the best way to handle life if you’ve got both a pool and a dog.





How do I make sure my dog is safe around the swim­ming pool?

Not all dogs can swim, so invest in a life jacket for your dog. And start slow—try out a baby pool first to see how your dog does. Make sure there’s an easy way for the dog to get out—either stairs or a ramp. Never leave the dog unsu­per­vised in the pool. When swim­ming with dogs, you don’t want them to drink the pool water, so keep a bowl of fresh water out for them.

What kind of pool do you rec­om­mend for dog owners?

If your dog is going to get into the pool, fiber­glass or con­crete pools are the best choice because they are never going to be dam­aged by dogs. Vinyl lin­ers are eas­ily torn and not a good choice.

Is chlo­rine dan­ger­ous for dogs?

Accord­ing to the Amer­i­can Ken­nel Club, “a dog’s eyes, nose and ears are more sen­si­tive than a human’s and may be a tad more sus­cep­ti­ble to the effects of chlo­rine.” So don’t let the dog drink from the pool excessively.

Hose off your dog after a swim to rinse off the chem­i­cals after a swim and dry ears with a towel or blow dryer to keep them moisture-free. Salt water pools are def­i­nitely eas­ier on dogs’ skin than chlorine.

Will swim­ming with dogs (meaning, all the hair!) be hard on my fil­ter system?

Dog hair, espe­cially long dog hair, is hard on a pool fil­ter sys­tem. And it’s likely you’ll have to clean it more often. Dog hair can clog a skim­mer or pump bas­ket and the wear and tear may result in need for pump repair. We haven’t heard of peo­ple com­plain­ing about this, how­ever. You might want to invest in Fil­ter Savers, nylon skim­mer bas­ket lin­ers that trap hair. Keep an eye on bas­kets and fliters and you should be fine.

If your dog loves swim­ming, he or she will love swim­ming with you in the pool. As always, give us a call at 503–631-4816 if you have any questions.




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