This is question we hear a lot, considering where we live and the fact that every pool receives so much rainwater each year. Oh, but we still love the Pacific Northwest!

Does rainfall change my swimming pool’s chemistry?

The answer is yes. But not a lot unless we’ve had s a torrential rain. Rain is acidic and has a lower pH level (around 5.0) than your pool’s pH, which should be between 7.4 and 7.6. (The human eye has a pH of 7.5–that’s why your stinging eyes tell you so quickly if the pH is off. When you get stinging eyes, the pH may have been lowered by rainwater, which has a pH of around 5.0.

Do I need to raise the pH every time it rains?

Not with a light rain. If you are careful about staying on top of pH, alkalinity and stabilizer,  you should be fine. If there’s a heavier rain and you have to drain the pool a few inches, you should test and add more chemicals if necessary.

It’s worth investing in a professional test kit. The one we recommend is XXXXXXX.


And if you have questions about your pool chemistry, as always, just give us a call at 503-631-4816.






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