Have you ever walked into an amazing backyard party at night–when the pool and surrounding area are lit just so?  The water glitters and sparkles, the area around the pool looks so dramatic, and the setting feels just magical.

Well, you can have that feeling in your own backyard… every night of the summer. One of our favorite things to do is to help bring color and light to poolscapes.

Here’s all the things that well-installed lights can give you:

  • Vibrant, mood-enhancing color
  • Evening use of your pool
  • Safety and visibility in night-time
  • Beautiful attention to bubblers, fountains, waterfalls, and spas
  • Lit up yard and surrounding area
  • Highlights and defines the walls and decks that you don’t notice so much in the daytime.

And we LOVE using Universal ColorLogic Pool & Spa Lights. We installed them in our Portland-area demo pool and they are such a hit when we throw our annual summer pool party. Check them out in the photo below.

12v color LED lights

12v color LED lights

They’re the only UL-listed pool lights to retrofit virtually any pool and spa with vibrant color. Even if your pool has just one light. Twice as bright as any other lights on the market, these are also energy-effiicient, low-voltage. These programmable lights can be installed in a little as 4 inches below the waterline, and on the wall or the floor without a rock guard. The Color Logic offers 10 different colors, along with seven rotating light shows.

If you’re ready to light up those dark nights at your Portland area swimming pool, give us a call. We love to talk pool lights! 503-631-4816.




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